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Health Coaching

Ever tried a diet and failed? Have you started a new fitness plan and stopped? Are you tired of going on and off diets? Have you tried every 30-day challenge out there only to fall back on your same old habits? If you've answered yes to anyone of these questions, "You Need a Health Coach"!

As a health coach, Shani works with you one-on-one to stimulate your mind, body, and soul, catapulting you past your stumbling blocks and on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Sessions

Each workshop is customizable based on clients needs. Shani works with individuals, groups, and corporations. Some of her most requested “Wellness Sessions,” are “Feed Your Cravings,” “Wellness on the Go,” and “Wellness at Work".

Healthy Projects

Some current projects in the works.

The Hub Health Generator

Healthy Living is a Way of Life

The Womens F.I.T. Show

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A Woman's Journey to Healthy

  • How it Began

    As an overweight teen, and young adult she became a 20-year yo-yo-dieter in efforts to lose weight. Finally figuring out what worked for her, she released over 75 pounds of fat/35 kg and has kept the pounds off for over 5 years. During this transformational process, Shani shaped her family’s views about food, fitness, and mindset. Through a holistic, personal approach she created her own health and wellness plan. This new found knowledge led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY and her Holistic Health Coach Certification.

  • The Hub is Born

    Shani got her start as a Health Coach by working with friends, then entering the NJ Social Innovators Institute Competition and training. Her family business, The Hub Health Generator, won 2nd place and established a collaborative family-centered program with Plainfield’s YMCA and later in Hoboken as part of the “Eating Smart, Moving More Grant.” These programs focused on various health and wellness topics and teaching families quick healthy meals from the soil to the table.

  • Clients on the Move

    To futher motivate clients and friends, while continueing her own healthy journey, Shani enters races. She often activates her clients active lifestyle by inviting them along.

  • Growing Abroad

    Currently, as an expat living in Abu Dhabi, she loves sharing her tips and strategies that have made her 75 fat release sustainable. She works with groups, individuals and professional organizations as a coach, guiding her clients to their wellness within. Some of her most requested “Wellness Sessions,” are “Feed Your Cravings,” “Wellness on the Go,” and “Wellness at Work.

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Our Amazing Clients

Cenithia Tice

"After I did this competition, everyone asked questions as to how I achieved this. My response is its the Mental Part that helped me with this. You can have a meal plan or fitness exercises but if your mind isn't right, you won't sustain any actions. I tell everyone, get a good Health Coach, work with Shani. Shani is amazing, she's very knowledgeable and thorough and can empathize because of her own journey. How can I not believe in her advice, she's been where I've been."

Charron Smith - My Fitness Journey, Founder

"Exceeding expections is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the past 15 months working with Shani as she served as Health Coach for the ladies in My Fitness Journey program. It has been said by me and the participants that without Shani's compassionate, informative, and highly fun and creative sessions/workshops the ladies would not have achieved the level of success the reached!"


"I first met Shani in April 2016 when I embarked on the My Fitness Journey program. At first I did not understand her role in the program, I mean I just wanted to lose weight. I felt prepared, and maybe I was – physically but definitely not mentally. After my first meeting with Shani, I was both emotional and excited. Emotional because I realised for the first time just how wrong I’d been doing this all along, excited because Shani had just introduced me to a holistic approach to my lifestyle change. The mind body and soul have to be in sync before you can say you’ve accomplished your goal."

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